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Pratchett and Potter come to Henry Pordes

Here at Henry Pordes Books we pride ourselves on stocking not just the old and antiquarian – although our stock of such books is certainly many and varied; we also hold a wide array of modern favourites. Recently, we acquired a large selection of first edition Terry Pratchett novels, a few of which are signed […]

Recent Acquisitions: William Burroughs First Editions

Henry Pordes is proud to have picked up some first edition titles by William Burroughs, the legendary American author of Naked Lunch (1959), often proclaimed as one of the most important innovators in the art of experimental prose writing of the latter half of the twentieth century. Let me draw attention to three of his […]

Herr Issyvoo Changes Trains

Christopher Isherwood. To most readers, the name conjures the world: the smoke-saturated bar, redolent with the sweat of young, grasping hustlers; the bohemian domesticity, symbolised in the splash of Worcestershire sauce sluicing into the prairie oyster; perhaps even Liza Minelli supine on a wooden chair, her black-heeled boots pointing high into the ceiling. This novelist […]

A Low, Dishonest Writer

As a poet, W. H. Auden has always divided opinion. F R Leavis thought his ironic style was ‘horribly show-off’ and ‘morally irresponsible’; while the biographer Hugh McDiarmid referred to the poet as ‘a complete wash-out’. These obituaries might be harsh, but they are a strong contrast to the highly enthusiastic reception of his early […]