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Herr Issyvoo Changes Trains

Christopher Isherwood. To most readers, the name conjures the world: the smoke-saturated bar, redolent with the sweat of young, grasping hustlers; the bohemian domesticity, symbolised in the splash of Worcestershire sauce sluicing into the prairie oyster; perhaps even Liza Minelli supine on a wooden chair, her black-heeled boots pointing high into the ceiling. This novelist […]

A Low, Dishonest Writer

As a poet, W. H. Auden has always divided opinion. F R Leavis thought his ironic style was ‘horribly show-off’ and ‘morally irresponsible’; while the biographer Hugh McDiarmid referred to the poet as ‘a complete wash-out’. These obituaries might be harsh, but they are a strong contrast to the highly enthusiastic reception of his early […]