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If you are clearing a collection of books due to moving house or bereavement please contact us as we are always interested in buying libraries whether private or institutional and can travel anywhere to view collections if you can supply full details.

Capri: Visioni Architettoniche

Ceas, Giovanni Battista

Stubbs & the Horse

Warner, Malcolm & Robin Blake

The Art of Cinematography

Vittorio Storaro & Bob Fisher

Cooking 123

Gold, Rozanne

The Book of the Queen's Dolls'

Benson A. C. & Weaver Sir Lawrence (Eds.)
Limited Edition

The Mint: A Day-Book of the RA

Lawrence, TE ('35207 A/C Ross')
Lit Crit

The Diaries of Charlotte Perki

Knight, Denise D. (ed)
Literary Sets


Virgilius, P.

Winston S. Churchill [the offi

Churchill, Winston
Modern First

The Rack

Ellis, A. E.

The New Grove Dictionary of Mu

Grove Dictionary, The New; Sadie, Stanley (ed)
Oriental Art

Kama Sutra : The Indian Treati

Mulchandani, Sudhir

The Pebbled Shore: Memoirs

Longford, Elizabeth

Fairy Tales and Romances

Hamilton, Count Anthony

Henry Pordes Books

We sell rare books, first editions, modern literature, art, antiquarian and leather-bound sets. We are located in Charing Cross Road, famous for its second-hand bookshops. We buy everything from review copies to out of print and antiquarian books. We buy both large and small collections.

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