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If you are clearing a collection of books due to moving house or bereavement please contact us as we are always interested in buying libraries whether private or institutional and can travel anywhere to view collections if you can supply full details.

The John James Audubon Portfol

Audubon, John James

Rapures: Bilingual Edition Lim

Celly, Jean Jacques

District and Circle

Heaney, Seamus

Complete Conan of Cimmeria (vo

Howard, Robert

The Mint: A Day-Book of the RA

Lawrence, TE ('35207 A/C Ross')


Malkani, Gautam

The Garden Party and Other Sto

Mansfield, Katherine

Burning Waters : Second Versio

Pasmore, Victor

Recollections of Occurrences

Snagg, Thomas

Grave Epigrams

Sparrow, John

The Paris Sketchbook

Thackery, WM

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